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Reseach project Serge Verstockt


In a time where dialogue –even in one country- between different language communities and cultures is difficultly established, ChampdAction develops a project that focuses on ‘rencontres’ between artists of very different backgrounds.

The meeting ritual of the Woodabe, a nomad tribe from Niger, inspired Serge Verstockt to create an artistic project about it. Every time the Woodabe meet, they talk to eachother for a minimum of 15 to 30 minutes with continuously recurring words that are accompanied by soft touches. Serge Verstockt will explore a number of technical possibilities to realize this research project.

The directness of the handshake and the corresponding eye contact is hard to replace. Yet we can’t make do without new communication tools. To critically examine this, Verstockt wants to compare the simplicity of the handshake to the new virtual communication tools.

The aim is to work towards a performance where the public is placed in a network and thus becomes part of a larger whole. The electric connecting is fascinating as ever, the current (low current) is steered by the public. New communication tools such as the internet and second life will also be featured.

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