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an annual multidisciplinary arts project on new music, sound art and multidisciplinary projects for students and art schools at home and abroad
for and by young creators


deSingel, International Arts Campus Antwerp


Guy Cools
Irving Douglas Repetto
Johnny Lloyd
Marko Ciciliani_curator
/ more coaches to be determined /


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Price per person: € 150,00 (excl. lodging and catering)


in collaboration with

deSingel _ Eastman _ Royal Antwerp Conservatory _ Sint Lucas Antwerp
in coproduction with and at the premises of deSingel in Antwerp
in close collaboration with Eastman, the company of Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui



From 2017 on ChampdAction.LAbO will be organized as a summer project, on an annual base and in close collaboration with the Summer Intensive of EASTMAN, dance company of the internationally acclaimed choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui.

Its goal is to immerse music- (both performers and writers/composers), dance- and fine arts students as well as young professional artists in the world of contemporary and multidisciplinary art forms for 5 days, with a strong emphasis on the use of new technology.



14/08/2017 deSingel Antwerpen
16/08/2017 deSingel Antwerpen
17/08/2017 deSingel Antwerpen
18/08/2017 deSingel Antwerpen
15/08/2017 deSingel Antwerpen
21/08/2018 deSingel
22/08/2018 deSingel
23/08/2018 deSingel
23/08/2018 deSingel
25/08/2018 deSingel
26/08/2018 deSingel

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