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Champ d'Action goes to Vienna with 3 Flemish creations

Champ d’Action is sealing its years of association with deSingel with a residence. This intensive long-term project begins this season with a very special concert programme.                      

In November 2006 the ensemble will first be performing at the Wien Modern festival. No less than three new Flemish pieces are being performed for the first time. The idea arose when the Essl Stiftung requested that the composer and the artistic director Serge Verstockt write a piece for the Schömer House in Vienna. The ideas he formulated along with architect Werner Vandermeersch in the installation project ‘The Crackle box cracked’ was further elaborated by Verstockt. This installation was integrated into the new piece. The tones are not produced by loudspeakers in the corners of the hall, but come from speakers, affixed to the model plane engines, that swing chaotically. The Viennese organisers gave Champ

d’Action free rein to complete the programme. Two other Flemish composers, Luc Brewaeys and Peter Swinnen, were also invited. Both composers have a long history with the ensemble. Champ d’Action commissioned them to compose for small ensemble and electronics. Also included in the programme is a work by Jonathan Harvey written in 1995. Harvey is curator of the 2006 Wien Modern festival. In 2005, he successfully fulfilled the same function for the festival music@venture in Antwerp. 

Upcoming Events

19/11/2006 Schömerhaus - Wenen 19:30
02/12/2006 deSingel - Blauwe Zaal 20:00

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