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Vinko Globokar (°1934, Aderny - France, in Slovenian family of immigrants), studied trombone at the Conservatory of Paris and later composition and conducting with René Leibowitz and Luciano Berio. As a conductor he worked with several European orchestras and gave several classes including in Cologne. In Paris he was the head of the research department for sound and voice at the IRCAM. Until present he gives courses in 20thcentury music in Firenze. 

Vinko Globokar is known as an inventive composer and performer. The originality of his compositions is attributed to this double role and to the fact that he, due to his studies in France and Germany, in contrast to other composers from former Yugoslavia, came at a very early stage in contact with the last developments in Europe. 

His oeuvre consists out of approximately 70 composition and can be stylistically not be placed under one denominator. Globokar develops the sound(colours) and musical resources over and over again, depending on the specific context of the work in question. From that, a number of characteristics of Globokars musical language can be inferred. 

A particular aspect of his oeuvre is that he considers music as ‘language’ in which the instrumental, vocal and the said word are united. The text frequently serves as a beginning point or guiding principle for a composition and its sounds, or he plays at several levels with contrasts (or unification) between musical instruments and voice, between playing and speaking. He also frequently looks up in his compositions the theatrical by not ignoring the visual aspect of a performance like generally the case is, but on purpose to emphasise it.




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