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 live stream event 

Sunday 22 November 2020 - 8 pm

from the Blue Hall in deSingel for Wien Modern Festival
-- link naar livestream --

Tim Mariën & Tiptoe Company 
ChampdAction - deSingel - Wien Modern 
Basement of Strings 2020
Tim Mariën (B)
Part 1 / Basement of Strings (2012, new version 2020)
Part 2 / Unresolved Streets (2015)
Part 3 / Tomorrow Started the Game I (2018)
Tiptoe Company
Jutta Troch: pedal harp
Jona Kesteleyn: adapted 12-string guitar, mandolin
Pieter Lenaerts: double bass
Jasmijn Lootens: cello
Liesbeth Lambrecht: violin, stroh violin
Fabian Coomans: bass piano, harpsichord
Sara Picavet: microtonal piano 
Tim Mariën: composition, adaptation of musical instruments, tuning design,
direction and conducting
Evy Vancalbergh: direction livestream
Andries Vangeel: vision mixer
Brent Van den Abbeele: camera
Pieter Hellemans: camera
Benjamin Albertijn:  technical coordination livestream 
Alex Fostier: sound
Istvan Leel-Össy: light, technician
ChampdAction, interdisciplinary development and production platform (Antwerp)
Wien Modern, deSingel 
With the support of the Flemish Government 
Strictly speaking, the piano is the classic villain when it comes to tuning: it embodies the victory of the equally-tempered tuning of the 19th and 20th century. The piano’s 12 semitones per octave symbolised an end to the diversity of old, more differentiated instrumental  tunings with, for example, 31 fine intermediate tones per octave. However, the strict and comparatively primitive corset in black and white quickly dwindles in authority when a piano happens to be tuned not so ‘perfectly’; the cool perfection of the grand piano is not immune against the shabby chic of a Honky Tonk piano in a Wild West saloon. 
The Belgian Tiptoe Company brings for you "Basement of Strings 2020" by Tim Mariën. For his three-part composition, Mariën adapted and tuned two antique upright pianos and a harpsichord to play his borderline microtonal scales.  Here, tuning systems become relative as Mariën reconciles just and equal tempered systems, merging the two opposite approaches through microtonal expansions.  The blending continues on yet another level in his compositions, where boundaries between the pieces seem to fade away.

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