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Movement as sound

Champ d’Action & deSingel in collaboration with RE:NEW MUSIC

Danish composer Simon Steen Andersen (°1976) studied composition at the conservatories of Arhus, Freiburg, Buenos Aires and Copenhagen, where he was taught by Bent Sorensen, Mathias Spahlingers and others. Andersen won multiple prizes, such as the Kranichsteiner prize in Darmstad and Presence China in 2008. His compositions are performed on festivals throughout the world by many prominent ensembles and orchestras.

NOISE and choreographic movements  are two constants in Steen Andersen’s music. His compositions revolve around gestures, movement and energy. In the series ‘Next To Beside Besides’, he brings these subjects to a radical conclusion. These series are made up of a number of choreographic translations of the original work ‘Beside Besides’ (for cello solo) for other instruments, such as guitar, percussion or violin. This ‘translation’ does not only come down to the NOTATION, like in a conventional transcription, but above all to the movements of the musician in relation to his instrument. ‘Next To Beside Besides’ can thus actually be viewed as a choreography for musician and instrument – with corresponding sound.

Wednesday 20 October 2010 – 20.00

deSingel – Antwerpen

Simon Steen Andersen


Marieke Berendsen - Violin

Free for LAbORATORIUM participants and students of the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp.

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20/10/2010 deSingel 20:00

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